Consultations for individuals and groups

Business etiquette

The things you should know and apply to advance your personal and professional development and strengthen your brand

Impression management

Knowledge and skills that enable you to create the image you seek to build good relations and achieve results

Professional Communication

Good conversational skills that lead to results and lasting contacts

Professional Image

Understanding the role of your appearance in business relations and how to tailor it to your needs

Entertaining Guests

Basic table manners and essential business etiquette at corporate events

Doing Business in English

Knowing the nuances of persuasive presentations and comfortable conversations in business settings

Hospitality Professionals

Professional training for service personnel, managers and teams in the hospitality industry

Personalized Handbooks

Custom-designed corporate image and etiquette handbooks for employees and management

Cross-cultural Communications

Insight into cultural differences that can make or break business relationships

Klientu un partneru atsauksmes

"Veiksmīgas sadarbības pamatā ir abpusēja cieņa." -Irma Kalniņa

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