Business etiquette

How to know and use the guidelines of basic etiquette to further your personal growth and business development.

While the forms and substance of etiquette continue to change and develop along with society and its customs, every culture has unwritten laws that structure all forms of communication. Knowing the essentials of etiquette allows you to be natural and comfortable in any social situation. Mastering business etiquette lets you focus on long-term goals of cooperation based on mutual respect and solid professional relations.

Business etiquette consists of rules and guidelines of behavior that form the backbone of professional interaction with colleagues and clients. Often, being savvy and self-confident in etiquette can work as a key factor in helping you climb your career ladder. Failure to observe the basics of business etiquette can risk your reputation, your organization’s brand, and relations with others.

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Familiarity with business etiquette makes it easier to initiate working conversations with new partners, and continue existing negotiations. It provides a respectable, comfortable, and professional atmosphere that enhances communication. When practiced among colleagues in the office, it also increases staff productivity. As a fluid part of the daily office routine on all levels, business etiquette builds better relations with workers and clients.

Irma Kalnina uses the business etiquette course to explain how to successfully integrate business etiquette into all aspects of your working day and turn good manners into your calling card.

  • The essentials of business etiquette - while nuances may differ, there are some unchanging rules that apply at all times, in every setting.
  • Etiquette in your social life - knowledge and skills that will make you feel comfortable in any public event - at a party with friends or a reception with VIPs.
  • First impressions - the skill of using those first few seconds to establish the impression and message you seek.
  • Office etiquette - how to ease stress and optimize the working atmosphere in your office through basic communications skills, emails, and phone conversations. How to best share workspace, and work toward mutual goals. 
  • Four generations in the workplace - learn to understand the different styles, assumptions, and approaches of different generations. It takes skill and sensitivity to make everyone feel like part of a team, regardless of age or experience level.
  • Social media etiquette and Internet communication or “netiquette” - a large part of daily communication is taking place in social media and information platforms. Understand the specifics of social media etiquette and the essence of electronic communication in order to develop a professional image and manage your contacts with clients, partners and colleagues on the Internet.

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