Cross-cultural Communication

Understanding cultural differences and how to overcome communications barriers.

Businesses today cross national borders and encounter cultural differences that need to be understood and accommodated in order to function efficiently in multicultural circumstances. Whether cultural diversity exists within a workplace or is encountered when doing business with other countries, it’s important to understand, listen, and respect other cultures.

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To be competitive in a world market, you must think globally and have an understanding of other cultures, traditions and business practices. Cultural differences can affect how you communicate and how you achieve your goals. Irma Kalnina will familiarize you with common cross-cultural issues that can arise in international business and provide advice on how to best deal with them.

In this course you will learn how to manage cross-cultural relations according to the principles of etiquette and introduce you to nuances that will enable you to communicate freely in an international setting:

  • Corporate culture – when developing your business in an international setting, it’s important to know the basics of business etiquette when dealing with clients.
  • Multicultural workplaces - more and more large companies deal not only with foreign clients but also feature a multicultural workforce. Your colleagues may observe different traditions and customs - understanding these will lead to better working relationships.
  • Cultural impact on business - every country has a different understanding and approach to doing business. In order to break into new markets, it’s important to familiarize yourself with different traditions, customs, and cultures. It not only shows respect to your partners and colleagues, but also will help you avoid awkward situations.

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"Veiksmīgas sadarbības pamatā ir abpusēja cieņa." -Irma Kalniņa

Become a better version of yourself today!