Entertaining Guests

Knowledge about table manners and accepted practices in corporate social settings.

Corporate events enable you to develop professional contacts and get to know colleagues, clients, and business partners. Business etiquette and table manners go hand in hand in developing the impressions you seek to achieve. Regardless of whether you are the host or guest, or if it's an official or formal event, there are standards of etiquette that can enhance the professional image you wish to convey.

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Granted, even corporate events can be recreational and relaxing, but even these have their own standards of etiquette. It should be remembered that the goal of etiquette is to help you feel comfortable as well as professional. Proper etiquette at corporate events will help guests feel welcome and at ease. This includes not just proper dress, as indicated on the invitation, but also unwritten rules of behavior. It is important to show respect to people who have devoted time and effort to organize the event you are attending. By the same token, the host must make every effort to devote quality time and attention to each guest so that they feel welcome and respected.

To ensure that a corporate event, regardless of format, becomes an enjoyable and memorable experience for all who participate, it is important to learn the skills that will help you be a good guest and good host:

  • Corporate lunches and dinners - Inviting a business partner to dine with you can be a real challenge.  Irma Kalnina will alert you to the little things that can have a big impact. If organizing a dinner, she will advise you how to prepare and send out invitations, and set up table cards. It’s important to understand the basics of table manners, especially during conversations with guests around the table when you want everyone to feel involved. You’ll also learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations that may arise. In addition, you will freshen up your knowledge of the basics of table manners, including how to set table and properly use a variety of utensils, and the sequence of serving food.

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Become a better version of yourself today!