Impression management

Knowledge and skills needed to create a positive image and bring about desired results.

Impression management is essential if you wish to shape and maintain social contacts on various levels. This is especially important for leaders or those who wish to lead. To achieve results it’s important to be sensitive to nuances. You want those around you to accept your leadership naturally, and not feel like you are seeking to force or control them.

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A little bit of creative dramaturgy can be a necessary and effective part our daily professional lives when we are trying to achieve specific goals and results. We all play various roles in our interactions with others in order to get the desired results. Impression management is a key to making effective first impressions. Learn how to create the precise impression you want in others, while recognizing the techniques others are using with you.

During the Impression management course, Irma Kalnina will help you understand the skills needed to achieve the results you seek, while maintaining the image you want.

  • The purpose and essence of impression management. Influencing others to leave a good impression comes about through a number of processes that are both conscious and subconscious. As you learn the tactics of presenting information, you will understand how to create first impressions, how to give desired signals, and how to detect when others try to change attitudes and impressions.
  • The strategies of image-making. If you understand how social roles are shaped in daily life, it’s possible to adapt and adjust to any situation in a way that helps you achieve your goals. If you know the tactics of developing your personal and professional image, you’ll be better positioned to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
  • Introductory conversations. (Breaking the ice) Small talk is an excellent way to get to know a variety of people while establishing and expanding contacts. Mastering the skills of small talk can help establish an effective first impression, lead to long term relationships, and serve as a useful tool in your professional development. It can also just be fun.
  • Networking - face-to-face or virtually - is an essential part of establishing business and social contacts. Active networking is an important part of your career development as it leads to long-term relationships and builds a positive image.
  • Presenting yourself in 60 seconds or Elevator pitch. To establish a lasting impression of yourself you need to clearly identify your strengths, your goals, and how to best formulate them. Right upfront.

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Become a better version of yourself today!