Personalized Handbooks

Custom designed corporate image and business etiquette handbooks to familiarize employees with the corporate culture.

Personalized corporate handbooks can provide guidance to employees on your company’s traditions, culture, and values. Etiquette expert Irma Kalnina can design a handbook according to your company’s needs, providing staff with guidelines on dress codes and corporate workplace philosophy.

Over the years, Irma Kalnina has developed corporate handbooks for many of Latvia’s leading businesses. These personalized guides offer employees practical advice that can be applied in a wide variety of work situations.

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For example, Irma Kalnina designed a handbook, “The Golden Rules of Business Etiquette”, for the Latvian branch of Accenture, a global IT company. The handbook was accompanied by a series of seminars for employees introducing them to the topics raised in the book and has been placed online for easy reference. It has provided the employees of Accenture with a structured professional approach to business etiquette, corporate philosophy, and customer service. This is the first Accenture branch to create and use such a handbook.

For the auditing company Ernst & Young Irma Kalnina created a ‘Dress Code Guide”. According to Ernst & Young partner Linas Dičpetris, “This handbook provides our employees with daily advice before going to work. Practical wardrobe suggestions help our staff feel confident and comfortable in any business or social setting.

Irma Kalnina has also developed a guide to practical dress codes for the employees of Swedbank and can work with your corporate leadership to design a handbook specifically for your business and workplace.

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Become a better version of yourself today!