Professional communications

Conversational skills that lead to sustainable relationships and the results you seek.

Conversation isn’t just about words - it is also voice, body language, eye contact and other nuances that are felt and seen only through direct personal contact. Knowing when to talk and when to listen, you can promote your interests in a few short seconds. By mastering the skills of effective communication, you can use every conversation, regardless of how short, to help you further your goals.

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To achieve the results you desire, politeness, when combined with confidence and clear goals, can be important. At the same time you need to become familiar with those technical skills that will allow you to reach the desired results faster and more easily. This is especially true if the conversations take place between people with different experience, knowledge and values.

  • The Harvard method of negotiation - Developed to bring about agreements without undermining personal relationships. It includes five basic principles that can help you resolve the most challenging crisis situations.
  • Formula for a successful conversation - Every conversation has a goal. Although participants may have different interests, in an ideal situation all needs can be satisfied. Find out what is necessary to bring about the outcome you desire.
  • Constructive and destructive criticism - Communication that is designed to address a situation or process can benefit all sides. It takes skill to point out differences or disagreements without offending your clients, partners or colleagues.
  • Small talk - Casual chatting or small talk can establish first impressions and become a starting point for a successful business relationship. Establishing a style and pace for your brand of small talk can be a useful professional skill even in casual settings.
  • Self-presentation - Etiquette expert Irma Kalnina can help you create your own personal introductory presentation that can help you establish the desired image of your company or yourself during those first minutes of meeting.
  • Video training - Polish your communication skills and body language with the help of a video recording.

Become a better version of yourself today!

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"Veiksmīgas sadarbības pamatā ir abpusēja cieņa." -Irma Kalniņa

Become a better version of yourself today!