Professional image

Understanding the role of your appearance and how to tailor it to your goals.

A professional appearance consists of several components: behavior, reputation, and competence as well as your choice of clothes and accessories. A person’s appearance is his calling card, and it conveys a great deal of information about them personally and the business he or she represents. Perceptions of a corporate culture and its identity are an essential part of any business. This course helps you better understand the role of your visual appearance and how to find the perfect balance between your personal and professional identity.

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Your choice of clothing, the way you speak, and your attitude toward others shapes your professional image. You have the ability to accent or adjust your appearance to suit the needs of any situation. An appropriate professional image can say a great deal about you and your particular skills.

In this course you will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to feel comfortable in any social or business situation:

  • Dress code etiquette - Everyone has encountered a designated “dress code” for a variety of situations. When should you choose “business casual” and when is “business formal” the correct choice? When should a woman choose practical apparel and when a simple dress? What are today’s trends? Irma Kalnina will advise you on the nuances of “business formal”, “business casual” and “smart casual”, and which is appropriate for each occasion. She can also help you choose a wardrobe to meet the standards of business etiquette. She can also assist you in deciding what to wear at formal events, so that your appearance is both professional and proper.
  • Identity in a corporate setting - Although the principles of business etiquette provide general guidelines, different professions and workplaces may have specific requirements or accepted standards. Found out how you can tailor your image to fit any number of settings.
  • Your personal brand - Your wardrobe choices, including accessories, can serve as a calling card that demonstrates your style, values, and professional characteristics. Irma Kalnina can help you identify and enhance your strongest features so that you can develop your own unique brand.

Become a better version of yourself today!

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"Veiksmīgas sadarbības pamatā ir abpusēja cieņa." -Irma Kalniņa

Become a better version of yourself today!