Whom are you having lunch with today?

If I’m guessing right, it’s probably your computer screen. Checking up on Facebook, maybe—the latest news reports, or reading some document. Perhaps you’re scrolling with one hand and eating your sandwich with your left. Eating yogurt can be tricky, be aware, especially when that one tiny drip gets on your white shirt. But wait—not to worry, we’re doing stuff, saving money by not going out and with piles of work at hand. (And maybe even doing some of that work around Facebook posts!)

If you’ve read this far, then your lunch partner is your computer screen!

And you’re in good company: 80% of the workforce stays indoors and at its desk during lunch. Good or not so good? Many offices have kitchens with microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and automatic fancy coffee makers complete with an eating area. Nice of your employer especially if there are few cafes and restaurants nearby. Who wants to drive to a restaurant when you’ve only an hour to eat and run? Plus, you know the menu by heart—nothing left to chance and besides, you’d rather not spend the money. Some mega institutions and businesses even have their own cafaterias. Wait on a long queue then look for seating, tray in hand. With colleagues or by your lonesome self?

Tips and Thoughts

  • If you need to work at your desk, then at least be productive! If it’s a quick bite, then at least make it a healthy one. Only… isn’t your body a bit stiff from sitting all this time? Maybe you should…
  • Get up! Go for a short, brisk walk – anywhere. Outside would be best. Get away from air conditioning, dry air, poor ventilation, and get the wind blowing through your hair. Without a doubt, this will envigorate. Perhaps a new idea will come to mind, or a solution to some nagging problem.
  • Have a sit-down lunch every so often with a friend. Just being with a friend can be so positive!
  • What about having lunch with a co-worker? Your assistent? Bonding over a meal can result in getting to know your colleagues from a personal perspective that ofen results in team bonding.
  • If your spouse or kids are not home for dinner tonight – then eat a substantial lunch, then in the evening eat sometime light – a sandwich or salad.

I, for one, vote for getting away from your screen. Time for relaxation has been linked with heightened productivity and can help ward off work related stress and burn-out. Networking with colleages, clients, friends rewards you with job satisfaction and social engagement. Doesn’t this sound better then having lunch with your screen?